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Welcome to My Family History
Have Patience............. PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Historical Detective   
Monday, 30 March 2009 00:00
I am in the process of designing this site - please have patience, I am a genealogist, not a programmer. I am learning code on the fly, and let me tell you - old manuscripts in Scots Gaelic come easier than this! I hope to be up and running shortly. Hope.. I'll get there, so bookmark , and check back soon - at best you'll get a lot of great sources, at worst you'll get a laugh that I haven't got the hang of it yet..... Blessings, Georgeia Mangione, The Historical Detective
Last Updated on Saturday, 27 June 2009 20:47
What You Will Find Here PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Historical Detective   
Monday, 30 March 2009 00:00

What you will find here is a work in progress. I have decided to put some of my own family history up, hoping to connect with cousins I have not yet met , as well as with other researchers.  The names you will find here are families primarily from New England , Scotland, and England.  At this time I am just setting the site up, and as I have gedcoms on different computers it will take a while for the database to be complete.  I also shamefully admit that I have a huge database in hard copy that I have yet to enter into a software program at all.  Eventually it will all be here.

There is also  a forum, where you may post in regards to families on this site, genealogy in general, and any questions you may have about research.  I hope that this will become a friendly community, where cousins can connect, genealogy software can be compared, and we can help each other with those dreaded brick walls.

The site will also allow online editing of gedcom data, so that members can add information to share with others. This is why is taking me so long - html I can handle, but this concept is new to me. In the end it should be worth it, allowing real time exchange of data.

Thank you for your patience, Georgeia Mangione, The Historical Detective

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 April 2009 02:25
The Gedcom is up and running! PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Historical Detective   
Thursday, 02 April 2009 00:00
The genealogy database is now up and running! It is lacking a lot of names and sources, as stated in "What You Will Find Here" (look above).  I will be updating as fast as I can. But, given life, work, and general human nature, it will take awhile. But for now, there are nearly 2,000 names online.  Revealing my inexperience (in web design - not as a genealogist - that is the one area in my life where I feel quite competent ) in case my links are broken you can access the database directly by going to http://www.myhistoricaldetective.com/PhpGenView. This information can be viewed by all . The login is only required if you are a family member, needing access to private information (in other words, living individuals )  or a researcher who wishes to add  to the gedcom. If you fall into these catagories, the request sign-up should be functional at this time. The forum should be working as well, so please feel free to post your queries - this is a friendly community to help and support each other in our quest for the past, as well as the present.  And , as this is a friendly community, off topic posts are welcome.  Take a browse around, and I hope you will find who your looking for! Georgeia
Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 April 2009 02:30